DG Pro Tour’s ‘Festival of the Flying Discs’

January 16, 2017

The Disc Golf Pro Tour was created with the disc golf social element in mind. The idea of ‘community’ is a big reason why disc golf has been growing in such a rapid way. In the 2016 disc golf season, Steve Dodge wanted to add a unique experience to the Pro Tour schedule. With ten events spread out from March to October, disc golfers who want to participate in the tour must be on a well-planned travel schedule. All this travel can keep many players away from home, and family for large chunks of time. What I notice at most of our Emporia tournaments is that there are many players who travel with friends, family, or both. Individual reasons may vary, but the loneliness of traveling keeps me from being surprised at the sheer numbers of non-players at our local events.

Enter the ‘Festival of the Flying Discs’.

The DG Pro Tour tour begins March 1-4 at the Maricopa Open, and along with the disc golf tournament, there will be a series of 6 events that are open to everyone who wants to participate. The events range from testing your driving speed on a radar to a fair-style accuracy contest trying to knock over silicon cups stacked like a pyramid. This year, for the 2017 Pro Tour dates & locations, Dynamic Discs will be sponsoring an event at the ‘Festival of the Flying Discs’.

Dynamic Discs Marksman Challenge

The Dynamic Discs Marksman Challenge will be one of the six events. It will consist of hitting as many of the six Marksman baskets you can, out of six throws. If you are unfamiliar with the DD Marksman Basket, it is a basket without the outer layer of chains leaving almost zero room for error when putting. It is an ideal practice tool and will put your accuracy to the test. If you want to know more about the Disc Golf Pro Tour, and the Festival of the Flying Discs I encourage you to check out their website here for more information on the other five events as well as the nine other tour stops around the country.

For more information, and an exclusive interview with Steve Dodge, check out the DGAM Podcast #157 here.

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