Bobby, Dixon, and Eric share their thoughts on the controversial coverage of the American Disc Golf Tour.


They also give their predictions for the 31st Annual “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup. Make sure you get your picks in for the Inside the Circle league at for your chance at free merch.

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2 comments on “Inside the Circle “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup

  1. Bobby, don’t you think your view of what happened at American Open is a little harsh. Remember you started out somewhere. Are you so good now that you can afford to slam the others? I get it that they promised a lot and they claimed to be #1, but wouldn’t the sport be served better as a whole if you found the things they did right and then offered to help with the things they did wrong.

    I love listening to your podcast, but man get off your high horse. Nobody is perfect.

    Also, the money issue … you guys talked about how there is no way they could be covering their expenses cause it would take 10,000 disc sales to make that much money. ONLY IF your business model required you to sell disc golf discs at $75 each. What if they sold their discs at $1000 each? then they would only have to sell 75 of them. Get what I’m saying? They went out and got big name sponsors. Those sponsors probably donated a lot of money. I’m assuming that they got a cut of commercial revenue from the time that they were on ESPN as well.

    If we want disc golf to be huge then we have to support the innovators or become innovators ourselves (with regard to the commercialization of the sport.) When was the last time Dynamic Discs donated $5,000 to a tournament for cash payout? I realize I don’t know the financials at DD but the question could have any amount in it and it could be any company, not just Dynamic. In order to grow the sport, there has to be substantial investment. Long-term marketing strategy, yeah? You’re never going to be ready for ESPN until you’re on ESPN.

    Last two things … You all talk about not wanting to put those folks down and then call them shady. If you’re not going to put someone down, then don’t. Period. Just don’t do it. Hooters girls … bad taste sure, but it was probably contractual to get more money from Hooters.

    • admin May 18, 2016


      Thanks for your comments and feedback and thank you for listening to the show.

      In the show we did mention what we felt was positive. The course looked great. The quality of the footage was superb.

      The 10,000 discs was just a generality to make the point that it was an expensive venture.

      In the show I actually give kudos to them for doing what they did and that it was their first go at something this big. I also mentioned how I remember starting out and all the critics of my work. To this day people still comment negatively on my work. I have learned that is part of being in the creative world.

      Again, thank you for your feedback and for listening to the show.

      – Bobby