Ep 275 Disc Golf Answer Man

August 6, 2019

Dave M

Hey DGAM fam,  2 questions for you:

I can’t remember which event I was watching, but the wind was really intense.  Eagle McMahon putting with a speed 4 mid-range to deal with the strong headwinds, what are your thoughts?

Also by the time you read this I will have playing in my first tournament (Pittsburgh Flying Disc Amateur Open,) what should be my major takeaways from that experience?


do you think rule 801.02 F is needed, I would think that if the players can not identify their discs from each others. the lost disc rule could fill in


How do you hide your discgolf expenses from your significant other?


how do you get your disc high when releasing without releasing the disc nose up

B Peazzzy

What are your thoughts on tournament formats?  For example, do you favor shotgun starts vs everyone beginning at Hole 1. Does it matter if it’s a sanctioned tour or not?  My local course in SF hosts non-sanctioned tournaments where the number of players can reach 200 and they make everyone start at Hole 1. You can wait 3-4 hours before you tee off. 


Will the Deputy be made in premium plastics again? I throw an Opto Pure that is extremely straight. I feel like a Moonshine Deputy will fly very similar, and Classic plastic would beat in too quickly. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and thanks for keeping it real.

Facebook online question about Cali


Hey guys, my name is Marshall from Manhattan KS. I was wondering if y’all had been up to Manhattan to play our courses. We have 2-3 highly rated courses and was wondering your thoughts on them (Fairmont, Warner). Lots of players up here would love to get your feedback.

Also, good luck Robert at KCWO, see you there! Thanks for all you do


I had a disc hyzer and land straight on an asphalt path. This left a decent scrape even with premium plastic. Is there anything you guys do to smooth these scrapes? (sandpaper, pocket knife, etc.)

Andy B

Hey DGAM Crew. Question for Eric. We have a local course which is a huge 10k ft heavily wooded course.  It takes 4.5 hours to play 18 and it’s a little unfair, but it’s still young. I want to make it more appealing to AM players, so my idea is to use the existing tees and add shorter and more fair pins. Most courses have 2-3 tee pads with 1 pin location. Do you know any courses with 1 tee location and 2 pin locations for each hole? Do you think this is a good idea? Thanks guys!


I love the retro keystone from the trilogy challenge. What is a more durable plastic that will keep the same stability? 

Kyle G

I’ve been playing for about 3 months now, had some pretty quick initial progress and finished 2nd in my local trilogy challenge, but I’m really struggling as I add more power to my tee shots.  I find that my mids like the Gatekeeper/Warship are flipping over on me pretty constantly, but when I try to slow them down my form seems to suffer particularly from early releases. Do you have any advice or drills for taking power off a shot without losing good form?

Binge the disc

Yo, so I be swagging my way up the fairway with an enforcer and don’t you know a dog grabbed it and took it into the river. I don’t swim, what do I do? Is it a penalty stroke? Thanks keep it real and keep it swaggy.


i can throw a driver nice and flat and with nose down 370-380ft, but when i throw a midrange it flyes nose up. big fan of the emac truth, and of the show. from norway.

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