Should you only carry one putter, why discing down could help your game, should disc golf be in the Olympics, and many more of your disc golf questions.

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3 comments on “Ep 133 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Victor M. Aug 22, 2016

    Hey guys,

    Huge fan of the show and everything you guys to for the sport. I started playing in my senior year of high school and as my game progressed in 4 years of playing I have created my bag (mostly) with your awesome plastic. I am not a brand purist by any means but almost every spot in my bag is filled by a trilogy disc. I have three questions relating to some trilogy plastic:
    A) I am a big fan of the westside shield and love it for all my putting and stable upshots. What do I need to do to get one in Origio? (WS prime/retro equivalent iirc) I love the feel of said plastic but have moved on from retro mercys for the shield as I find the extra stability better for my circle putts.

    B) What’s going on with the spark these days? In Dave’s last ITB he mentioned that the original spark will become the spark pro and the retuned spark shall bear the name from now on. I loved the original spark as a FAF firebird equivalent and I love the recycled spark as a stable fairway driver, so my question for that is have you heard anything about the “new” spark coming out in Opto or GL? Very thirsty for more of this lovely mold. (As long as I’m daydreaming here, I’d also love to see a moonshine flow someday)

    I know that WS/Lat64 are not in your jurisdiction, but if you have any knowledge or input with either of the companies, this trilogy fanatic would greatly appreciate it.
    C) How do I go about getting the most stable suspect possible? (before you say harp or sinus they are both way too deep for me) Out of the dozens of suspects I have seen in the wild, the only one I could ever compare to the stability of a zone was concave and stiff as a board just like the glo z zone I currently bag. I’m not in a rush to replace it but I like to prepare myself for losing discs ahead of time. Considering that shopping for zones is wicked finnicky, I might as well shop for plastic I am more drawn to and familiar with. If you have any insight on how/where to find what I need it would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the novella but any info on these molds would be much appreciated,

    Victor M.
    Columbia, SC

    • admin Aug 22, 2016

      Victor, thanks for the comment and the kind words. I am going to add your questions to our question queue so that others may benefit. If you ever have any other questions you can use our form so we are sure to get it on the show. Click here to fill out form.

      • Victor M. Aug 22, 2016

        As you can tell this is my first time submitting a question, but I sent most of this to the question submission form before seeing your reply. Thanks for the clarification and I’ll be sure to listen next week.