Bobby, Eric, and Paige are here to talk about the complexities of having a disc golf course on a ball golf course, what disc they would use for a one disc round, and whether you should adjust your grip to get more distance.

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2 comments on “Ep 128 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Leonard Muise Jul 9, 2016

    I’m grateful that Eagle expressed his dissatisfaction with one-dimensional layouts on ball golf courses, and that your show amplified it. For touring pros, nice landscaping doesn’t make up for a lack of variety and technicality. Similarly, less skilled players have shown, by the limited number of green fees collected on some permanent ball golf layouts, that they also get bored with throwing the same shot repeatedly.
    To make golf course layouts better, we need better terrain and/or better design. For TD’s adding a golf course to their event, they need to consider whether the terrain is technical enough to justify the choice. And then the designer needs to spend sufficient time to provide interesting and nuanced challenges, suitable to all competing divisions.
    Speaking for myself, as a designer partially responsible for this year’s St. Jude pro setup, I greatly appreciate the feedback. Players are my customers. I welcome any information that helps me satisfy my customers!

  2. Skip Grady Jul 9, 2016

    How many pro’s are expected here for the Worlds?