Eric McCabe is still out on tour so the Disc Golf Answer Substitute, Dixon Jowers,  is here to answer your disc golf questions. Paige Bjerkaas is back home for awhile as she takes a break from touring so she can practice right here at home for the 2016 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships.

Tim from Mind Body Disc gives his thoughts on just practicing one thing.

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3 comments on “Ep 127 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Mike Maslin Jul 5, 2016

    Hey guys! Talking about numbers. Ya’ll didn’t bring up weight and how a heavier disc (175g) is going to be more stable than a lighter one even if its only a few grams (172g). Just something to think about. Thanks

  2. Skaggs Jul 7, 2016

    On your disc, the flight shows glide and turns, what is the difference in terms of those ?

    • admin Jul 7, 2016

      Glide represents the ability of the disc to stay in the air, the higher the number for glide it has. When a disc is thrown flat it eventually drops out of the air and falls to the left or turns left. The higher the Turn number the harder that left turn will be at the end of the flight.