On this episode we talk about some upcoming traveling that Eric McCabe has planned and answer your disc golf questions.

We have Tim from Mind Body Disc sharing with us how to watch with a critical eye.

And, we have a special guest that we call on to share his thoughts on a question sent in about a PDGA tournament.

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2 comments on “Ep 125 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Brad Grizzle Jun 16, 2016

    I disagree with you guys that Rec should only get a trophy, rec players are the new players and need all the help they can get aquiring plastic. They arn’t like you sponsored and disc golf industry guys that just have to ask for plastic or pull it off a shelf.

    • admin Jun 16, 2016

      Thanks for listening to the show and thanks for the comment. Although I have access to a lot of discs, I can’t just pull them off the shelf, I still have to pay for them. Yes, Rec division should be for the new players and those new to tournaments and the incentives should reflect that. Too many times I have seen players sign up for rec division that have no business in the rec division based on their skill level. But, because they know they can beat the others in Rec and win prize money (merch) they do it. Making Rec division trophy only would prevent this.

      Typically in a trophy only situation the event should offer the Rec division a players pack that helps that player feel like they got some value out of playing that event and get them some new plastic.