Remember that you have until January 15th, 2016 to get your name on our list for DGAM 100th episode. Now that he have over 100 if you listen to our show on iTunes or Stitcher you will not be able to go back to all of the episodes as they only show 100 of the most recent episodes. So, if you are stumbling across this episode and want to go back to the beginning you can always go to our podcast archive page.

Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge 2016 Glass Blown Open Bottom Stamp Fundraiser Episode 102 is brought to by the GBO Fundraiser Discs. The 2016 Glass Blown Open Bottom stamp discs are some of the first bottom verdictghoststampstamped discs we have produced and with the sweet bottoms stamp you will definitely want to pick one up.

The other GBO Fundraiser is the Ghost Stamp Fuzion Verdict is something new from Dynamic Discs hot stamp wizards. I do not know how they did it but it turned out very nice.

Tim from MindbodyDisc talks about match play and how it can add some variety to your Disc Golf game and may even help you play better.

News that was talked about:

PDGA deadline for bidding on 2017 Majors

PDGA Grant Winners

Videos mentioned in the show:

Miles Seaborn – Practice with a Towel

Eric McCabe – Putting practice when you can’t go outside

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