Ron Convers is our special guest on the Disc Golf Answer Man and he is going to answer some of your questions. Ron has been played in Disc Golf tournaments since 1992 and although he may not travel to all of the big tournaments he is a force to be reckoned with in his local Disc Golf Scene.

We also have another segment from Miles Seaborn as he gives advice on what to wear for a tournament. There are rules and guidelines set up by the PDGA concerning what you can wear at tournaments but, often times people do not consider the weather when picking out their Disc Golf attire and how that could affect your game.

GBO Wind Putt

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One comment on “Ep 101 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Hey felllllllllas…

    Ok well first, I love DD!!! Being from emporia the escape and tresspass were the first set of new disc i ever threw. Escape is still bagged. My question is, being from the midwest we play in wind… Duh right lol, but I only throw right hand back hand mainly bc i just can’t flick . I’ve noticed when looking on line and videos ppl tend to sky shots for distance. I can not, could this be affecting me? Now im not complaining and i am very happy with my drives. For my bomb shots i throw a lat. 64 frostline bolt on a hyser release maybe 15ft off the ground its stands up turns and finally fades i can hit 400+ on hole 15 peter pan. Im wondering how they throw it up in the sky like that with out stalling and if any of you guys do this…..ig being from emporia im just afraid of the wind… thanks Eric and Bobby ohhh by the way happy late birthday breezy since we share it Lol.. Also thanks too the whole dynamic crew that make this whole thing possible. On a side note if you dont bag the suspect. You are losing strokes lol #growthesport #bedynamtic