Questions – 5:03

Mind Body Disc – 43:43

More Questions – 48:37

Topic of the Week – 1:11:07

We have a special guest for episode 087 of the Disc Golf Answer Man. As we have mentioned on past episodes Team Dynamic Discs member, Paige Bjerkaas is attending school at Emporia State University. She will be going to school full time and helping us out with the podcast and other videos. We will be adding a new tab to site to allow for specific questions you might have for Paige as she brings a women’s perspective to touring and playing Disc Golf.

Tim from Mind Body Disc is back with another segment of Mind over Plastic.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of this episode to catch the topic of the week where Eric and Bobby give their opinions on the latest that is going on in Disc Golf. Got a suggestion for a topic?

Thanks for listening.

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