5:00 – Product Review
7:07 – Mind Body Disc
10:53 – Your Disc Golf Questions
38:30 – Ron Convers, Jr. Interview
57:55 – More of Your Disc Golf Questions

Eric and Bobby are back from Arizona and had an awesome time at the 2015 Memorial Championships. There was quite a dramatic finish between Paul McBeth and Jeremy Koling but, after only 1 hole in a playoff Jeremy Koling was the winner.

Did you see that Disc Golf made it on ESPN? Yep, Nate Doss got an ace on hole 1 at the Fountain Hills and the iPhone footage was number 10 on ESPN Sportcenter’s top 10 for the day.

Latitude 64 Bite Ralph SignatureLatitude 64 Opto Bite Ralph Signature Edition

Stamp color will vary.
Weight: Approximately 150g

Now the most famous dog in disc golf has his own signature disc!

Bite is the latest in dog disc technology to hit the canine sports arena. Using experience from production of the World’s premiere Disc Golf products, Latitude 64° now unleashes Bite to all dogs and dog owners in need of a disc that can handle a beating. The Opto Line TM material used has taken the Disc Golf market by storm and has now been put to use in this classically shaped dog disc. A reliable, neutral flight combined with puncture resistant material has taken our test panel by storm. Try it out yourself and prepare to be amazed!

Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 0

We have another segment from Tim over at MindBodyDisc.com as he tells us a story of a war that can happen in all of us.

We also have Team Dynamic Discs member Ron Convers, Jr. on the show as he was stopping by the warehouse for some new discs. Ron Convers, Jr. is a well respected disc golfer that is always ready to share is insights on disc golf techniques. Head over to his Facebook page where he frequently posts about different topics that will help you improve your game.

And of course we have a lot of your questions in the queue. Thanks for listening!

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