Mind Over Plastic with Mind Body Disc – 12:05
Your Disc Golf Questions – 17:05

If you are looking for some tournaments to play in February and you are in the Texas or Kansas area check out what Dynamic Discs has lined up.

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Eric and Bobby want to congratulate Jason Brown on winning the new Prime Starter Disc Golf Set including a Cadet Bag.

Mind Body Disc Dynamic Discs

A few of you have mentioned that you like the new segments of Mind Over Plastic with Mind Body Discs and we think that is awesome and we have invited him back for another installment. Keep your encouragement coming so we can keep in coming back.


Eric and Bobby announced a new tournament sponsorship opportunity that is being offered by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64º, and Westside Discs. They are providing over 50 tournament sponsorship packages. You can register your event by clicking here.

Thanks for listening.

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