Disc Golf ExperienceDon’t forget to get signed up today for the Disc Golf Experience at AT&T Stadium.

The Trilogy Challenge is going strong and some TDs are having so much success with their event that they are thinking of running more events. There is plenty of time to sign up to host an event so go to TrilogyChallenge.com and get more info on hosting one.

The YouTube channel DGWeekly did a 3 part review on the three discs you get with the Trilogy Challenge Players Pack. Check out the 1st one here and then go to his YouTube Channel to watch the others.


Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Verdict

New to the Dynamic Discs’ store is the BioFuzion Verdict. Eric McCabe describes the Verdict as the perfect complement to the Truth. We also have the very popular Opto Hex and DecoDye Missilien from Latitude 64º. This discs has taken the disc golf world by storm with its hexagon shaped cavities designed to reduce drag.


Then finally we have the latest custom stamp for the McCabe Signature Series Mercy. This is a go to putter for Eric McCabe.

Eric McCabe Mercy Disc Golf Disc






We had a guest on our show, Cory Obermeyer, who is a new member to the Latitude 64º team. He discusses the Latitude 64º Scythe which is a disc he really likes to use for his forehand shots.

Latitude 64 Disc Golf Discs

The discs that Eric reviews are the Westside Tursas and Dynamic Discs Fugitive. Both these discs seem to be under rated in that we do not see a lot of people talking about them but they are very good discs that might help you shave some strokes on your game.

Dynamic Discs Fugitive Disc Golf Discs          Westside Discs Tursas Disc Golf Discs

As mentioned in the show here are 5 tips from Eric McCabe to help shave strokes from your game.

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Know the Course
  3. Practice with a Purpose
  4. Ask Questions
  5. Stay in Your Game
Thanks to everyone for listening.


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