6:12 DG Luxury Bag
9:15 Disc Reviews
16:44 AT&T Stadium details
27:15 Your Disc Golf questions

Latitude 64 Luxury BagDG Luxury Bag

In this episode we talk about the new Latitude 64º DG Luxury disc golf bag. This is a new backpack style bag from Latitude 64º with plenty of room to store your discs and other goodies. One of the features is on the side where a special pocket allows you to carry your umbrella while it is still open.



Fuzion Enforcer

Dynamic Discs Fuzion EnforcerThe Enforcer has been called a game changer and it is now available in Fuzion from Dynamic Discs. If you love your Enforcer then you need to try it in Fuzion.

 Opto Hex Missilen

Opto Hex Missilen

The Missilen from Latitude 64º is a unique disc features hexagon shaped cavities in the surface of both the top of the disc and the bottom of the rim. This pattern has been tested to be the most efficient in reducing drag and making the disc fly extremely fast.


We are super stoked to be able to share more details about The Disc Golf Experience at AT&T Stadium. Be sure to watch this video to learn more about the event.

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