Trilogy Challenge

  • 7:21 Product Review
  • 21:02 Catching up with Eric and Bobby
  • 28:00 Your Disc Golf Questions

Our special guest for this episode is Denise Cameron. Denise talks about the Women’s Global Event that takes place on May 10. She describes it as a Women’s event on a global scale. Denise will be doing her part for the Women’s Global Event during the Dynamic Discs Revenge of the Monkey where she encourages local women to participate in. To find out more of how you can get the women in your life involved go to

A challenge has been put out there for someone to create an Eric and the Breeze jingle. We are going to put together a prize pack for the best jingle that uses the new line created by one of our listeners, Eric and the Breeze.

Dynamic Discs introduces two new disc golf bags and Eric and Bobby discuss their functionality and why you might want to check them out.

Dynamic Discs Cadet BagDynamic Discs Cadet

Bag Features:

  • Holds 8-10 discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the putter pocket
  • Very lightweight
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mesh pocket for scorecard, pencils, and minis
  • Drink holder will hold your average water bottle

Dynamic Discs SoldierDynamic Discs Soldier Bag

Bag Features:

    • Holds 18+ discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the putter pocket
    • Includes adjustable shoulder strap with additional padding
    • Mesh pocket for scorecard, pencils, and minis
    • Two drink holders that will each hold a 32 oz. Gatorade or Nalgene bottle
    • Two zippered pockets to hold your valuables, disc golf accessories, and snacks
    • Internal U-shaped frame to hold discs in place
  • Two dividers included

This episode a long one so be sure to grab your favorite drink and enjoy.
Thanks for listening!

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