Glass Blown OpenSorry for this episode being late this week. Eric, Denise, and Liz Dorries drove out earlier this week and head for Arizona so they could start practicing for the Memorial Championships. Along the way Eric was able to hold a 2 Disc Challenge and he reported that he had a great time with about 40 people that showed up.

Bobby was able to test out the new Witness by Dynamic Discs and it is a disc that will for sure make it into his bag.

For our Team Dynamic Discs spotlight we interview Dixon Jowers. Dixon tells us about his transition from Ultimate to Disc Golf.

We hit our 2000 followers goal on our Instagram page and will be giving away a free entry into the 2014 Glass Blown Open.

Thanks for sending in your questions. We are hoping that our next episode will be recorded while on location in Arizona.

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