Ron Convers Wind On this episode we start out by talking with Tyler Searle of Dynamic Discs. We discuss the upcoming 2 Discs Challenge Tour that he and Steve Storrie will be embarking on for December. Tyler explains that the 2 Disc Challenge of small events where players can pay $20 and receive 2 discs from the Dynamic Discs line of plastic. You then play with those 2 discs or 2 discs that you already own from Dynamic Discs and compete for prizes. Check out the banners below to see the dates and locations for the 2 Disc Challenge Tour.




If you need more info on the Dirty Dozen Tour RV you can send an email to Tyler(@) or for the Chasin The Chains RV send an email to Stevo(@) (The @ are in parenthesis to avoid spam bots from picking up on the email addresses. You do not use them when sending an email).

Later on in the show we talk with Ron Convers and get his answers to your Disc Golf questions. Thank you to Ron for being on the show and thank you, the listener, for tuning in.

2 Disc Challenge

Chasin’ The Chains RV Tour

2 Disc Challenge

Dirty Dozen RV Tour

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