[0:38] Introductions [2:08] Beaver State Fling [10:53] Amateur World Championships [14:28] Getting a town to support Disc Golf [16:33] How does Eric approach designing courses [21:30] Eric works with Latitude 64 to create the new disc, the Truth [25:05] Life on the road as a Pro Disc Golfer [28:38] Specific workouts for a stronger throw [30:55] Improve putting game  [33:29] How to get more distance on putting [35:45] What do you look for in a putter [37:44] What can be done to maximize the forehand throw? [29:23] How long does it take to place in a tournament [42:01] What is the key to putts outside of 25 feet? [43:05] What is single most important step to becoming a Pro Disc Golfer?

Eric McCabe and Bobby talk about what they hope to achieve with the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast. The planned format is for us to talk about being a Pro Disc Golfer on tour and to discuss some of the experiences and the different tournaments that Eric attends. A bigger part of each episode is the questions for the Disc Golfers. Each episode will include questions from Disc Golfers from all level so Eric can help them improve their Disc Golf game.

Eric discussess his experience at the Beaver State Fling and the beautiful courses that are out there. We also discuss how busy Dynamic Discs has been preparing for the nearly 500 players that will be in Emporia, Kansas for the 2013 PDGA Amateur World Championships. There are a lot of events planned during the week including a clinic that will be put on by Yeti and Des Reading. Eric describes that this year’s player’s pack is the largest one that Eric has seen at a amateur event. One of the goodies will be his new signature disc, the Truth.

Creating a new disc takes a lot of research and a lot of work. Eric was having a challenge with the midrange discs when he first moved over to throwing the Dynamic Discs line of discs. But his new disc, the Truth, will be the disc that will finally fill that specific gap in his Disc Golf bag.

Life on the road for a Pro Disc Golfer has its ups and downs. Being away from family can take its toll on a Pro Disc Golfer as well as the many miles sitting behind a wheel. But in the end it is a very rewarding life as compared to being stuck in an office. Eric is very thankful for all the friendships and relationships he has made over the years.

The questions that Eric answers:

Brice: As a new Disc Golfer do you have any specific Workouts that you would recommend to build a stronger throw?

Shaun: I have been doing very well with my drives off the tee but having trouble finishing the hole. One problem is i cant find  a mid-range that I love to throw so I use a fairway driver. Second I bought a basket to practice putts but I feel I have taken a step back with my putt game. Any advice?

Shawn: “Hi Guys, my question for Eric is, how do I get more distance on my putts, I seem to max out at about 40 ft. I use a forward step out past that, but my disc starts to wobble. I just can’t seem to increase the distance and stay smooth. Any tips on staying smooth at distance and a practice routine.

Zach: “2 questions sir. 1)  what do you look for in a putter?   I love star p&a aviars, but they tend to slip out sometimes… 2) what can I do to maximize my forehand?  I’m tapped out around 200 ft and throw backhand 400max.”

Jeremy: When you started in tournaments did it take a long time for you to place?  I consistently don’t place and shoot terrible rated rounds.  But on my own time I can shoot decent scores at the course.  There’s a difference of 10+ strokes from my normal rounds to my tournament rounds.  Also what’s the key to putts outside of 25+?  A stronger snap? Faster arm speed?

Michael: What would you say is the single most important step to becoming a pro disc golfer?

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