In the “A Walk and Talk with” series Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze walks with players and has a casual conversation about the latest that is going on with players. In this first episode, Bobby catches up with Emerson Keith from Team Latitude 64 as he plays a doubles match during the 2019 Piney Woods Open.

Emerson Keith made a big splash in the disc golf world with his performance at the 2019 Pro Worlds in Illinois. With a baby only days away Emerson battled his way to the top in the first few days at Pro Worlds. He placed third overall and won the crowd over as he kept the #1 rated Paul McBeth on his toes. 

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2 comments on “A Walk and Talk With Emerson Keith

  1. Chris Jensen Oct 1, 2019

    Enjoyed this very much. Have loved Cory’s interviews/videos from day one, and I can see this helping us to “Get to know” the players as well. Thanks for trying this, Bobby!