What Flies Like a Trespass?

March 7, 2016

If you listen to the Disc Golf Answer Man with any frequency, you’ll start to notice that there are quite a few questions that get asked more than once. We know a lot of you might be new listeners, so we keep answering them. We are here to help, after all. But every so often, we also like to put an answer in writing or even in video. That way, people who have the same question down the road can find it without waiting for us to get around to answering it on the show.

The question we want to answer today is:

“I just lost my favorite Trespass (substitute the name of your favorite disc here). I had it for a while and I loved that disc. I was crushed when it disappeared into the lake at my local course. I want to replace it and have been checking out some of your other discs. What can I buy that will fly like my Trespass did?”

So we got the heads of Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs, and Latitude 64 on the phone. We called in our engineers and designers. We conferenced in NASA and 3 Nobel prize winning physicists. After days of discussion and debate we are finally prepared to answer this often asked question and we are going to…keep it real. The answer to “What flies like a Trespass?” is…

Another Trespass.

There you have it. The definitive and indisputable answer.

Look, we get it. We really do. One of the most fun aspects of disc golf is getting new plastic. Come over to our houses and we’ll show you stack after stack of proof that we understand. Heck, we manufacture discs! We want you to try new discs. Lots of them! But in this particular case, we just want you to buy another Trespass.

There is a rare occurrence in disc golf. It’s not as rare as an ace, but it’s close. It’s when a disc golfer and a particular disc really connect. One of the reasons we end up with stacks of plastic in our garages and closets is because we are all on the never ending search to have a bag full of discs that we absolutely love. Discs that have what we call the Jerry Maguire factor… They complete us.

When you find one of those discs, hang on to it. Enjoy it. Cherish it. And if you lose it and it needs to be replaced, don’t give up that special relationship. Just get another one of the same to fill the vacancy.

One of our biggest priorities here at Dynamic Discs (as well as Latitude 64 and Westside) is disc consistency. We want you to be able to buy another of a disc you love and have it fly the same as the one you are replacing. No surprises. We know the Trespasses sitting on our shelves will fly the same as the one you lost in the lake. We make every effort for that to be the case with all of our discs.

Dynamic Discs Buy Back Program

If you are looking to try something new, we are happy to help. If you have a disc you aren’t happy with, let us know why and we’ll help you pick a different one. If you want to put some new plastic in your bag because, well, new plastic is awesome, hit us up! But if you need to replace a disc that you really love, remember that nothing will complete you near as well as simply buying another of the same disc.

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4 comments on “What Flies Like a Trespass?

  1. Todd Reagan Mar 10, 2016

    You’ll help me find a new one eh? Challenge accepted… I have a Sword, it was great for a game, then it got just a hair too understable. I also have a Flow, it is just a hair to overstable. What distance driver fits in between them?

    • i need a understable disc that is reliable and not a turnover machine what is the best anhyzer flex disc you could suggest

  2. I completely agree that the answer is sticking with the molds that click; however, for most players that have that “it” factor with their particular Trespass of choice, in your example, a replacement won’t fly the same. I’m not talking about consistency. Most major manufacturers do a decent job with consistency. I’m talking about wear. I had a 2 magical Fuzion Trespasses at different points in time that flew more like Westside Kings because of wear. I’d need to put a 7:30 hyzer angle (RHBH) on them to get a nice full flight. After losing them, a new Fuzion Trespass flew like a new disc–much more overstable. I’d have to throw them flat to get something resembling the full flight that I described above. So, I think the real answer here (which keeps throwers AND manufacturers happy) is to always have 3 copies of your favorite molds in each category (distance, fairway, mid, P/A) in different stages of wear. Throwers aren’t as f***ed when they lose THE disc.. Manufacturers are happy because it means more Trespasses flying off the shelves.

  3. Sean Amsbury Mar 11, 2016

    I saw that coming haha. Therw is no disc that can replace the best driver ever made. Except maybe a classic hard one hint hint.