Top 5 Ways to Grow Disc Golf Locally

January 11, 2016

1. Partner with the Local Parks
Organize a park cleanup day or find out what other help the park is in need of. This shows you value the course and the investment the city/community puts into building and maintaining the course. A good relationship with the local parks is paramount to the sustainability and growth of disc golf in the local community.

2. Get into the Schools
Schools are always looking for volunteers and/or speakers. Gym teachers are always looking for ways to get kids active. Use discs golf as a way into the schools and expose the students from elementary through high school to the life-long sport of disc golf. Dynamic Discs offers schools education sets of discs at a reasonable rate.

3. Offer a Beginners Clinic
Focus on an overall understanding of the game or one specific part of the game at a time over a series of clinics. Keep is short, focused, and fun. Give them opportunities to try discs and help them find discs that fit their throwing style and ability. Don’t worry about only having a few people, it allows you to spend more time teaching individuals. And always advertise well in a variety of public spaces to draw people you may not normally come in contact with.

4. Connect with area Pros and Clubs
You don’t have to grow the sport alone. Get ideas from and build partnerships with local clubs to help foster a “Grow the Sport” mentality. Connect with area pros to leverage their influence and connections within the disc golf community. These are great people to bring along with you when meeting with park officials, schools, and clinics as they can bring professional credibility.

5. Champion Disc Golf Off the Course
Remember you represent the sport of disc golf both on and off the course. Your PDGA rating is not going to gain you any influence with those outside disc golf, but your character will.

Brent Sickel PDGA #54924
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