The 6 Inch Putt

February 15, 2016

Disc Golf Advice from Ron

Bruce Lee was a hero of mine as a kid. Among the legends was the story of the 6 inch punch. This video shows Bruce Lee knocking a guy back into a chair. What makes this impressive is his ability to focus his energy in such a short stroke…So let’s jump off this topic and talk about putting.

Now, neither of us is Bruce Lee reincarnated, and yet I catch myself trying to launch putts with force from a dead stop and in front of my body. Usually this ends with a yank off-line and a miss. When you think about it, it wouldn’t have been amazing if Bruce Lee had wound up and punched , because it would have been easier to develop force and everyone knows it. So why don’t we start our putts with a wind up? The most common answer is that there’s no room, other than up and down, and simply because the disc is in front of us and we are facing the basket! How could we change this? Well, some people take a scissor step approach, and bring the disc down and back between their legs. I think the up and down that this takes, adds an extra variable that I need to control. I prefer to set up quartering the basket, with room to pull the disc past my side. This allows me to keep virtually the same stroke out past 60 feet that I would use at 20. Of course, I don’t use as much “wind up” at close range as I would way outside the circle. Here’s how I try and visualize the shot. Coming from my rear hip, I try to pull the disc to the target I’ve picked. (We’ll talk about the Disc Golf Double Check some other time) Just reach back and smoothly accelerate a pull towards your target. Don’t worry about the release, keeping it flat will come easily with practice. Just try to stay on the line you visualize with the basket at the end of the flight.

There are 2 important things to remember. 

First, remember to have the same starting point for your line to the target,  at least in your mind.  Archers know how important an anchor is to having a repeatable sight picture.  When you change your starting point you move your point of aim.  By keeping the same line,  or stroke,  you maintain the same aiming point and your accuracy goes way up.

The second and I think the most important thing is the pull. The pull allows smooth application of force over time, no 6 inch punch needed. I’ve been playing a while and have developed the muscles in my forearm pretty well, but I don’t want to be forced into a position where I need to use them. In Disc Golf, smoother is better. Try out the wind-up principle and see if it will help get away from jerky or forced putts that should have gone in.

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2 comments on “The 6 Inch Putt

  1. Dustin Morton Feb 15, 2016

    I totally do not understand what you are trying to describe here. Are you saying you do not push or spin putt, but use a modified throw ?

    • I believe he’s referring to the technique more than the “style” of putt. The way I read it is that he’s trying to stress the form of the release and aim to the targeted area with the properly calculated thrust. I think that I understand..