Disc Golf Resolutions

December 30, 2016

The New Year is the perfect time to set goals, and to enact changes for your life. The problem is that only 46% of resolutions are upheld through 6 months after January 1. The top two reasons for these failures are overzealous resolutions, and resolutions that are simply not pleasant. This year change that. How about adding disc golf to your resolution options? 

With the new year quickly approaching, we at Dynamic Discs have come up with a list of our top 10 2017 disc golf resolution ideas.

Take someone new out to play

Grow Disc Golf week may be a few months behind us, but that doesn’t mean that taking out a new player to the sport is any less important. This is a fun sport that many partake in with family. You could be the starting point for a new family activity. What better way to start your new year than to introduce some competitive happiness to a household? I can think of none.

Find, and play in a local league

You might not be as lucky as Emporia natives with the many courses and leagues that are active every weekend. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t one, so find it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all manners of social media are perfect outlets for finding like-minded disc golfers. Now if you strike out trying to find a local league….

Start a weekend league in your area

Starting a disc golf league can be as complicated, or simple as you want it. There’s no need to hoof it for sponsors, or donations. Get a group of 5-10 guys, task them with finding players interested in joining, and play some rounds. You can even have players donate some menial pocket change each round for an ‘ace-pot’ to add some collective incentive if bragging rights aren’t enough.

Join the PDGA

Small market tournaments don’t require PDGA membership, but if you’re looking to step up your game to the A-tier bracket you will need to do this. For amateur players, membership costs $50 a year. Besides being able to play in A-tier events, there are some useful documents that come in the mail along with your membership number.

Play in your first Tournament

This is another one that is entirely up to you. You can find smaller, local tournaments to ease yourself into the world. If you joined the PDGA you can go find some A-tier event worth a drive, and completely immerse yourself into sanctioned events. Competition levels vary, of course, and Disc Golf Scene is a good site to find events close to you.

Play a course you’ve never played before

This is one that I, personally, need to take seriously. With so many fantastic options around my home town, it’s easy to get lazy. New courses like Swope in Cottonwood Falls, and the Eagle course in Olpe are only considered new the first few times. Playing at a new place can expose you to shots you’ve never seen before, and when that happens you only get better.

Travel out of town, or out of state to play in a tournament

For one thing, everyone likes a good road trip. Add the excitement of a road trip to getting to meet anywhere from 50-200+ strangers who have the same love for disc golf as you do. How can you possibly NOT have a good time? Disc golf has been a way for many players to form long-lasting relationships with other players. Dynamic Discs, as a company, is a product of that fact. Ask any of our DD Team members when you see them out playing how meeting like minded individuals on road trips can benefit your game.

Add a new throw to your game

It doesn’t matter if you’re tired of an irregular anhyzer throw, hurt yourself on a wet tee pad, or are just plain curious; versatility cannot be stressed enough when it comes to sports. The new world champ is known to bomb both backhand as well as forehand, so take notes. Don’t let some pesky foliage keep you from lowering your round average. With today’s information age in full effect, there is no excuse to be hampered by a singular focus to your game.

Add field work to your practice regimen

This kind of practice will help you figure out how your discs fly. It will also open your eyes to how YOU throw your discs. Relying of flight numbers can leave you frustrated, and competitive play alone can lead to bad habits. Find some open space, bring your bag, and get to figuring yourself out. Side note: worry more about your putting ability than how far you are driving from the tee pad. More tournament wins have been attributed to good putting than distance driving.

Familiarize self with PDGA rules/Carry rulebook with you

If you registered as a PDGA member you get one of these with your new membership. Casual rounds tend to be very loose with rulings, as they should be. It will behoove you to become accustom to, at the very least, basic rules for playing in any sanctioned events in the future. I understand the ease that smart phones can bring our daily lives, but when you rely on technology you end up disappointed eventually. Keep one of these handbooks in your bag that way you are never caught with your pants down during tournament play.

The disc golf community is always open for feedback. If you think of any other disc golf related resolutions share them with us. Let us know if any of these resolutions interest you, and in the months following the new year let us know how any are going so far. Here’s to a good 2016, and Dynamic Discs would like to wish you a great 2017 out on the course.


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  1. Terry Moreland Jan 6, 2017

    Great ideas.Im on it