Disc Golf Gap Drills

December 1, 2015

Disc Golf Advice from Ron

Find a clump of trees with gaps to throw through.   You want a short tunnel if possible,  about 10-15 ft long, preferably with gaps approximately 7-10 feet in width and formed by more than 2 trees. Start close to the opening of one end and work your way backwards.  Throwing to targets on the right,  left and straight down the tunnel.

Change angle from hyzer to straight, to anhyzer depending on target placement.  Work on finishing both hyzer and anhyzer because hazards often need to be negotiated near the basket. Remember how you set up to hit a target on the other side.  Move both the target and the tee pad away from the gap.  You’ll be surprised how much this will improve your score when scrambling to save a par.

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