Disc Golf Familiarity Drill

December 18, 2015


Advice from Ron Convers

Start out on a measured field. Put out a target, but don’t try to hit it. Use it as your release point and throw everything flat and 70%. Make notes of where it all falls out. How long and how far right and left. Gather your discs and try again, this time at a measured distance, say 250 ft., and try to hit it. Move it out in 25 ft jumps repeat. Throw everything. When you get to the limit of a disc, remove it from the cue. Note how far and how much angle was necessary(hyzer/ anhyzer). Change the wind direction and repeat. After you’ve done this for a while you should be familiar with the characteristics of your discs, both distance and angle off straight. That way when you step up to a hole that is 250 ft you know what to throw for the conditions. 

You can also use this drill to gauge how your improvements in form are affecting your throws.  The use of a measured field becomes even more important in chronicling your progress.

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2 comments on “Disc Golf Familiarity Drill

  1. Chip Watson Jan 20, 2016

    I saw y’all on smashbox last night looks like y’all are tight family of disc golfers! Great job on podcasts and love the feel of your discs. The only dd disc I have in my bag is the lucid Felon i got from Bowling Green last year but I have a couple of judges on the way. Ok, the question is Drew Gibson going to be the only one from DD at Bowling Green this year? I’ve been playing disc golf for about 3 years and when i started I watched Mccabe all the time (i guess its because of the matching red beard). Just wandering who all will be there.

    • admin Jan 21, 2016

      We are still working out the schedule for those that will be at Bowling Green but, we will try to get Eric McCabe out there to meet the players.