Disc Golf Answer Man 100th Episode Giveaways

December 31, 2015

To celebrate our 100th episode we will be giving away some Dynamic Discs merchandise!

Giveaways include discs, bags, and more!

Give us your info below so your name will be on the list.

Names will be collected January 1st through January 15th. Names will be selected during the show produced after January 15th.

Duplicate entries will be deleted.


Giveaway is over. Winners will be announced in an upcoming episode.

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7 comments on “Disc Golf Answer Man 100th Episode Giveaways

  1. Just saw the Jan.1 – 15.. What if I signed up on the 31st when the fb post appeared? Do I need to register again?

    • admin Jan 4, 2016

      No. The FB post was just a day early for DGAM Facebook Group people.

  2. Houston Jan 6, 2016

    Thanks for the time and effort making 100 episodes. Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure listening.

  3. Jason Nonn Jan 6, 2016

    Nice!!! Congrats!!! Here’s to many hundreds more!

  4. Mike Pate Jan 7, 2016

    Disc golf answer crew, thank you for all your time and efforts into the show!!!. Bobby thank you in particular for your tireless work putting the show together. And thank you for your service to our country. Paige and Eric, your input is always good to hear thank you. Awesome show, great team of hosts.

  5. Jack Sprague Jan 7, 2016

    Keep those disc demos and playing tips coming. I really leaner a lot from all all of you. Sign me up for the 100th show contest!

  6. Jason Haws Jan 8, 2016

    100 episodes and 200 nick names later.