Eric McCabe aka Emac

Traveling full time professional Disc Golfer since 1993
80+ Wins including 2 Majors
2008 Players Cup and 2010 World Championship
Disc Golf Course Designer
Founder of Glass Blown Open tournament.
Owner of the coolest Disc Golf Dog of all time, Ralph

Bobby aka CoolDaddySlickBreeze

Disc Golf Media Producer since 2009
Media Director at Dynamic Discs

Robert McCall

Robert is the Team Manager for Dynamic Discs. He brings more of an analytical approach to disc golf, always looking to learn something new or expand on often overlooked areas of the game.

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22 comments on “About

  1. Dan Payton Jan 11, 2016

    Episode 100 – Just as good as the 99 before it. Thanks for all you do for the sport. Hope to meet up with all of you in the near future.

  2. Casey Hassett Jan 13, 2016

    Love DGAM! I want more!!

  3. Hello,

    I’m writing on behalf of authors Justin Menickelli and Ryan Pickens, whose new book “The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf” will be published this coming spring. I’m hoping you’ll consider having one or both of the authors on your podcast for an interview to promote the book. If so, I’m happy to send you a complimentary copy once they ship from the printer next month. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sam Ofman
    Triumph Books

    • admin Jan 13, 2016

      Thanks for considering us. I am intrigued and will email you for more info.

  4. Jason Burnett Jan 13, 2016

    I am officially signing up for the #100 episode DGAM podcast contest. If this is not the right place, let me know and I’ll fix it. Love the podcast. Thanks!

  5. Kimmo Aug 1, 2016


    Would it be possible to change the DGAM site/podcasts to use the same ‘platform’ (???) that the ITC site uses? Love the option of downloading the episodes right off the site instead of having to go over to Libsyn. I know, they’re available for download elsewhere, but it’d be convenient to have the option right on the site.

    • admin Aug 1, 2016

      Because of the nature of the DGAM site changing to a different platform is not possible right now. I could try adding a libsyn link to each episode post. As you mentioned there are a few different options that are much more convenient. If you have a smartphone you can use the podcast app on an iPhone and subscribe through iTunes. If you have an android device you can use Stitcher or Google Play. And of course there are several other apps you can use. The biggest advantage of these is that once you subscribe to a podcast it automatically downloads each episode when I publish it.

      If you prefer to listen on your desktop then you might try bookmarking this link –

    • admin Aug 19, 2016

      I think I have good news. The theme we used now has an option to allow you to download the episodes. You should start seeing links in the post to download.

  6. Brett King Mar 28, 2017

    Thank you for everything you guys do for Disc Golf.

  7. Jason Nov 21, 2017

    My favorite disc I have played with my since the late 80s is the cobra until a few months ago. I started thorwing some friends newer discs and stepped up to a GStar Roadrunner and Sidewinder for drivers. I started listening to your podcast then starting checking out your youtube disc for you videos. I love the Lucid Emac Truth and am looking to throw more dynamic discs. Keep up the Great Work!!! If you need a beer sponsor let me know. Wicked Weed is sponsoring the Turdiscin Tournament Thanksgiving weekend. The tournament is on the historical Asheville Municipal Golf Course. We are also looking to get putters to sale at the brewery and Dynamic is on the top of the list. I went and bought a classic Marshall and Slammer to see what they are about. Thanks Again!!!

    • admin Nov 21, 2017

      That is great. Thanks for the message and it is great to hear that you are enjoying our discs. I will have someone reach out to you about putters for your brewery.

  8. What is the point of submitting a question on the Disc Golf answer man webpage if the only way questions will be heard is by the speak thing?

    • admin Oct 31, 2018

      Often times we only answer the questions submitted on the Google form.

      Please understand that we get 10 to 15 questions a week. Or current queue had over 100 questions waiting. It’s awesome that people send in their questions, it’s just not possible to answer all the questions.

  9. Jonathan Owens Nov 11, 2018

    Hi! My name is Jonathan Owens. I just got home from a trip for caretakers of cancer survivors. We made a playlist of each of the caregivers favorite music to remember each other by. One of the caregivers, “Greace”, wanted an episode of your podcast as his choice. I was wondering if you would consider sending him a signed disc? I know it would mean the world to him, and honestly he could use a little light in his dark world. Thanks for even considering the request!

    • admin Nov 13, 2018

      Would you mind sending the info to our DGAM Facebook group?

  10. Rusty Miller Mar 30, 2019

    I am attempting to get Eric McCabe’s email address, I have been looking for it between the facebook page and here but cannot find it. I have an idea for a tournament at Disney World since I work there. I have never run a tournament and obviously have no idea what goes into it, but I was hoping with Eric’s guidance of pretty much everything from promoting it to Disney and maybe where to have it, it could possibly happen. I completely acknowledge it would be years away and “no” is one of the answers. Disney has a couple of ball golf courses that would probably be a fit for the tournament. To keep this short, I would obviously like everyone else’s opinions, but I know from listening to the podcast that most of these questions usually go to Eric.
    Thank you to all 3 of you for making me laugh whenever I am driving and listening.
    Rusty Miller

  11. Ryan Wagoner Jun 6, 2019

    I love you guys very much and all your podcast and videos. The disc golf valley commercial/listener call in question that you guys are obviously affiliated with was a bit cheesy. Sorry but it sucked and the game isn’t that great nor are Darts. Still like your other disc but make believe commercials aren’t your style.

    • admin Jun 12, 2019

      LOL. Sorry you feel that way Ryan. That listener that called in was not planned by us. Trust me on this. As of now, we have no vested interest in the game. That is all Latitude 64. I say as of now because I am hoping to get some Dynamic Discs molds in there.

  12. Julian Zamarripa jr Dec 3, 2019

    Hello Team DGAM,
    I am a beginner in Disc Golf, I have now been playing two months consecutively. I have played in mini-tournaments to help get the feel of the game. I am in bronze division, lol I have even asked if they had a copper or aluminum division. They do not, but as to show I am a beginner.
    I watch your podcast on youtube as well as the Physique of flight by Danny and Robert, as well as the rest of the DD team. I watch youtube to help get a better understanding of how to improve my throws and putts. Youtube videos have helped improve my game.
    In saying all this, I have been asking and wondering if and when will you all do Amateur in the bag series, I am more interested in Slick Cool Daddy Breeze, as I feel and have watched youtube videos of casual play with bobby, being you all give a 12 handicap, I could learn or start with what he is throwing. I am also curious to know what Robert McCall is throwing in his bag. Thank you for your time.

  13. Jason Bolding Feb 6, 2021

    I haven’t got to watch DGAM since the first of the year. Had a lot of things happening with covid, family, and work. I watched this week’s episode though and noticed Robert McCall is no longer with you. Where did he go? I always enjoyed Roberts answers and his sense of humor. I enjoy all of you and the show very much but it will definitely take time to get used to Robert not being on the show.