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3 comments on “Ep 202 Disc Golf Answer Man

  1. Another great episode. I just looked all over the site for the Top 10 podcast player list that you reference in the last few minutes of the episode, and cannot find it. Yes, I can do my own research (and probably will), but the list may have given me a starting point to work from because there are so many in the Google Play store already.

    • admin Jan 12, 2018

      My apologies, I must have deleted the links when I updated the Submit a Question page. I have added a link to some popular apps at the bottom.

      • No reason to apologize. Thanks for the updated link. Now, can you do something about the weather here in the Chicago area? It was 60 degrees yesterday (while at work), 20 degrees today (while at work), low teens tomorrow (when I could finally get out and play). I guess the Weather Gods don’t want me playing outside in Chicago yet.

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