Emac Truth Disc GolfThe Warden Blend disc will be available at DynamicDiscs.com on February 3rd. Eric explains why this is a good disc to pick up for the cold weather.

Eric, along with the help of Handeye Supply, has put together a fundraiser disc to help Eric raise funds for his 2014 touring season. They had stamped 54 Mooonshine discs and they sold online in less than 2 hours. So he has decided to put the unique Handeye Supply stamp on 50 Lucid Truths which will be available at DynamicDiscs.com.

Jeremy Rusco has given us another Glass Blown Open entry to giveaway and so we are looking for people to be creative with this giveaway. Some time around 10 am central on Thursday January 9th Bobby is going to create a post on the Dynamic Discs Facebook page where everyone will reply with their most creative answer to why they want to go to the 2014 GBO. You will need to complete this sentence in the most creative way, “I want to play in the 2014 GBO because….. The most creative answer chosen by the DD crew will win.

Thanks everyone for sending in your questions and thanks for listening.

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