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Ep 182 Disc Golf Answer Man

Our thoughts on Latitude 64’s overmold discs,  out of production discs,  should you get a favorite mold in different plastics, and much more. Read More
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Ep 181 Disc Golf Answer Man

In Episode 181 of the Disc Golf Answer Man we discuss, who would win in a dance battle,  Dynamic Discs Judge vs Dynamic Discs Warden,  what do to if you have an unorthodox form on... Read More
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Ep 180 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode we discuss our thoughts on why cornhole is on ESPN and not disc golf, how many discs should you cycle through, the rule of verticality, and much more. Read More

Disc Golf Insights

Jump Putts: Are they legal?

Have you ever played random flip doubles rounds with a stance stickler? You know, that player who recently played in their first tournament, so during semi-casual rounds will holler out ‘foot fault’ after EVERY putt…

Knowing Your Game

Midrange play can be finicky. There are no signs indicating your distance when in the open fairway. Flight numbers only give disc information. So how can you tell what disc to use at a random 173′ mark?…

Disc Golf Resolutions

The New Year is the perfect time to set goals, and to enact changes for your life. The problem is that only 46% of resolutions are upheld through 6 months after January 1. The top…

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