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Ep 275 Disc Golf Answer Man

Dave M Hey DGAM fam,  2 questions for you: I can’t remember which event I was watching, but the wind was really intense.  Eagle McMahon putting with a speed 4 mid-range to deal with the... Read More
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Ep 274 Disc Golf Answer Man

Is there any unique ways to recycle old/broken/damaged/unusable discs? Have you seen any cool art pieces that someone created? If not, any cool ideas?  Barry I’ve been Team Trilogy for a few years now. I... Read More
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Ep 273 Disc Golf Answer Man

Anthony I played a course with my friend where there was a random square of cement along the fairway, someone’s lie was on the concrete and my friend called it OB. Is that the right... Read More

Disc Golf Insights

Surveys and Polls

We had posted some surveys on various channels and was not able to talk about them all in episode 201 so we decided to talk about them in a separate episode.

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