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Ep 148 Disc Golf Answer Man

Don’t DNF, PDGA Rules for 2017, a midrange disc as a putter, Facebook vs YouTube videos (not sure why this topic came up), and more of your disc golf questions. Thank you for listening and... Read More
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Ep 147 Disc Golf Answer Man

Eric and Bobby sit down early in the week to record episode 148. In this episode we answer questions about domey discs, different throwing styles, a basket’s sweet spot, and much more.    Thank you... Read More
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Ep 146 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode we answer questions about building a disc golf community,  should you switch out discs in different weather conditions,  playing disc golf for competition versus leisure, and many more.   Read More

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Putting: Extend Your Circle

When it comes to being more lethal in your putting game, finding a solid aiming point is a great start. Picking a form to master is a good follow up. Practice is always a constant,…

What is your aiming point?

Putting is probably THE most critiqued aspect of your game. You can find tutorials abound on the internet, there are baskets specifically designed to help make you better at it, and there are even debates over…

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