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Ep 280 Disc Golf Answer Man

Eric McCabe is back in studio to help answer your disc golf questions. Questions on this episode. Ignas (Iggi)Hi, I’m Ignas from Lithuania. I have been playing discgolf for three months now. Can toss a... Read More
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Ep 279 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode we discuss lighter weight discs, sandbaggers, and more. Some questions from this episode: GlennWhen will the Raider come out in Lucid or any other plastic besides fuzion? OwenHey yall my name is... Read More
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Ep 278 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode, we answer questions about continuing to improve your game, timing and pull-through, getting your putt on a flat line, and much more. We also have a big surprise for you taco lovers in... Read More

Disc Golf Insights

Surveys and Polls

We had posted some surveys on various channels and was not able to talk about them all in episode 201 so we decided to talk about them in a separate episode.

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