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Survey and Polls 2

Be sure to follow us at YouTube.com/DynamicDiscs so you can have your say in our Survey and Polls. Read More
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Ep 202 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode we discuss who should consider lighter weight discs,  when is it best to use a midrange,  which division to play in for your first tournament, and much more. Clover Cliff Ranch Video... Read More

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Surveys and Polls

We had posted some surveys on various channels and was not able to talk about them all in episode 201 so we decided to talk about them in a separate episode.

Jump Putts: Are they legal?

Have you ever played random flip doubles rounds with a stance stickler? You know, that player who recently played in their first tournament, so during semi-casual rounds will holler out ‘foot fault’ after EVERY putt…

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