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EP 269 Disc Golf Answer Man

Questions from this episode: Andrew I am having trouble establishing a putting routine and sticking to it. You guys have emphasized the importance of having a routine, but I am finding it difficult to implement,... Read More
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Ep 268 Disc Golf Answer Man

Questions covered in this episode include: Have you ever played Glow Disc Golf? I have been investing in the gear slowly because  I work 30 hours a week in addition to finishing my master’s degree.... Read More
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Ep 267 Disc Golf Answer man

 In this episode we discuss what discs we would give ourselves if we could go back in time to when we started disc golf, how much practice does it take to become a pro disc... Read More

Disc Golf Insights

Surveys and Polls

We had posted some surveys on various channels and was not able to talk about them all in episode 201 so we decided to talk about them in a separate episode.

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