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Ep 241 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode, we talk about taking new discs out for fieldwork, how much power you should put into throwing your discs, winter practice advice, and much more. Read More
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Ep 240 Disc Golf Answer Man

Special guests, Eric and Tina Oakley answer your Disc Golf questions. Follow Eric and Tina at YouTube.com/Whalepants     Read More
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Ep 239 Disc Golf Answer Man

In this episode we answer questions about throwing your putter off the tee, is “The Snap” important for distance, and much more.   Join our No Shave November Team! Read More

Disc Golf Insights

Surveys and Polls

We had posted some surveys on various channels and was not able to talk about them all in episode 201 so we decided to talk about them in a separate episode.

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