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Ep 136 Disc Golf Answer Man

In  this episode we discuss jump putting and foot faults, cycling through discs, the best discs for beginners, why we hate the 2 meter rule, and more of your disc golf questions.   Thank you... Read More
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Ep 135 Disc Golf Answer Man

On this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man we discuss proper hip movement on your drive, a question about flight numbers gets us riled up, we express our love for wooded course, and much... Read More
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Ep 134 Disc Golf Answer Man

How to eliminate air bounce, are wooded courses more difficult, is Air plastic right for top pros, and many more questions on episode 134 of the Disc Golf Answer Man. Thank you for listening and... Read More

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Precision over Distance

Walking up to a tee pad, eyeing the basket 500+ feet away, and dropping a flex-hyzer inside the circle on a single toss tantalizes each player during every round. Having a big arm, more accurately…

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